My Heart's Thanksgiving (Arnel Aquino Lyrics)

Catholic Songbook: Catholic Mass Songs Lyrics Compilation
Catholic Mass Songs Lyrics

Based on Psalm 8
Arnel Aquino, SJ
Album & Scorebook: O, Bayan ng Diyos!

As I sing my heart's thanksgiving, and my eyes look heavenward,
How the stars You flung like jewels, bid Your welcome, shine Your light.
As I marvel at Your moonrise, I'm in awe, yet I ask,
"What am I that You should love me,
and hold me as Your dearest love of all."

1. You crown me with honor and glory, and You set all things under my feet
You have made me a little less than angels, even if I fly often away.

2. In my anxious and brow-beaten moments, You comfort me, fill me with peace.
When my foes threaten, dare, and surround me, You're my strength, You're
my light and my shield.

3. How exalted Your name is, O Yahweh, and how lofty the work of Your hands!
Yet how closely, how dearly You draw me, to Your love, Your divine majesty!

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