Praise God (Robert Dufford and John Foley Lyrics)

Catholic Songbook: Catholic Mass Songs Lyrics Compilation
Catholic Mass Songs Lyrics

Based on Psalms 136, 19 and Wisdom 11
Fr. Robert J. Dufford, S.J - Fr. John Foley, SJ

Praise God, praise Him, praise God in the highest!
Praise God, praise Him, praise the name of our God!

1. Give thanks to the Lord; His mercy endures forevermore.
Give thanks to the God of our crea - tion. (REF)

2. The heavens declare it: the glory of God upon the earth.
To people of ev'ry race and nation. (REF)

3. Shadows and sunlight, dew from the morning air;
All that is Yours You love, O Lord of life. (REF)

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