Throughout All Time (David Haas Lyrics)

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Catholic Mass Songs Lyrics

David Haas

I will sing forever to You my God, throughout all time I will sing to You,
Throughout all time I will sing to You.

1. I will sing of Your love all my days, O God, Your faithfulness is forever.
You are love everlasting and compassion stronger than the sky. (REF)

2. The heavens proclaim Your wonders, the stars above tell of Your love.
Where is there an equal? What God can compare with You. (REF)

3. O God, how Your people rejoice in You. You call us forth to share Your light.
In Your name we find our joy. And Your justice will be our song. (REF)

4. All will sing and proclaim to Me, "my God, my rock, my safety."
I will honor My promise. My love will always be with you! (REF)

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