Lover of Us All (Daniel Laurent Schutte Lyrics)

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Catholic Mass Songs Lyrics

Inspired by Eph 2:7-10, 5: 19-20
Daniel Laurent Schutte

With all the earth we sing Your praise!
We come to give You thanks, O Lover of us all,
And Giver of our loving.
With sun and moon we dance for joy!
We are Your work of art, the glory of Your hand,
The children of Your loving.

1. l am Maker of mountains; I am God of the earth.
Like a mother in labor l bring all to birth. (REF)

2. As I know of your labor, so I watch while you sleep.
Ever close at your calling, so My love will be. (REF)

3. If the night would surround you and the sun fall from sight,
Yet My hand will protect you; I will be your light. (REF)

4. Long before there were meadows, or waters on the shore,
I laughed and I loved you, so now and ever more! (REF)

5. If you travel the heavens, or sail the farthest shore,
I stand there beside you, to guide you evermore! (REF)

6. In the womb of My wisdom, I fashioned every star,
I formed you in wonder, and loved you from afar! (REF)

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