Meadows and Mountains (Daniel Laurent Schutte Lyrics)

Catholic Songbook: Catholic Mass Songs Lyrics Compilation
Catholic Mass Songs Lyrics

Based on Daniel 3:51-90
Daniel Laurent Schutte

Meadows and mountains, ye forests and fountains,
Ye heavens and hillsides, give thanks to the Lord!
Princes and paupers, ye winds and ye waters,
In daylight and darkness, give thanks to the Lord!

1. Sing rivers and rainstorms! Sing lightning and thunder!
Sing summer and snow, rivers that flow, sing to your God! (REF)

2. Sing light of the morning! Sing shadows of nightfall!
Sing planets and moon, splendor of noon, sing to your God! (REF)

3. Sing artists and dreamers! Sing pilgrims and lovers!
Sing angels of night, children of light, sing to your God! (REF)

4. Sing creatures of heaven! Sing children of earth!
Great blessings and small come from the Lord: Blessed be God! (REF)

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