The Lord is My Light (John Foley Lyrics)

Catholic Songbook: Catholic Mass Songs Lyrics Compilation
Catholic Mass Songs Lyrics

Based on Psalm 18:2-4; 27:1,4,7-9, 14
Fr. John Foley, SJ

The Lord is my light, the Lord is my shield.
praise the Lord and the love He reveals.
Safe journey, shelter and home, safe in the Lord alone.

1. Hear, O Lord, my cry to You; turn not away,
For You are my life. Turn not Your face from me. (REF)

2. Seek Your face, You said, O Lord. My heart says to You:
Your face, Lord, I seek. Hide not Your face from me. (REF)

3. Just one thing I ask You, Lord: to dwell in Your house
The days of my life, watching Your beauty, Lord. (REF)

4. Wait for the Lord, and let your heart be strong. Wait for the Lord!

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