Far Greater Love (Johnny Go and Manoling Francisco Lyrics)

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Johnny Go, SJ - Manoling Francisco, SJ
Album: Far Greater Love

1. Who would have known this would be a history so torn with wars?
The sky seems grayer than our hearts. It's grayer in our hearts.

2. I could have sworn this would end in misery. But the world is turning still,
But we're also learning, somewhere hidden out there,
Something's greater than our hearts.

The storms of life may shake our ground
A greater peace still dwells in our hearts.
The dreams we build may fall apart; a deeper hope still runs in our hearts.
Fear no harm, we are ruled by a far greater love, a far greater love.

3. Who would have known life would be such a mystery?
For the world is yearning still, and our hearts keep burning.
We dare to believe there's something greater than our hearts (REF)

Fear no harm, we are ruled by a far greater love,
We're never alone. All else may go wrong,
Still with there be a love far greater than our hearts.

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