Holy Mary, Now We Crown You (Johann Ludwig Steine Lyrics)

Catholic Songbook: Catholic Mass Songs Lyrics Compilation
Catholic Mass Songs Lyrics

Johann Ludwig Steiner

1. Holy Mary, now we crown you
Honored Queen of all our race
Noble Virgin, may our tribute
Win your love and gain us grace.

Ora pro nobis. Amen
Ora pro nobis. Amen

2. On this day we sing your praises,
Purest Maid of all the earth.
While the beauty of the springtime
Tells your at Jesus' birth. (REF)

3. Stain of sin has never marred you,
Mankind's only spotless bloom;
God whose might exceeds the heavens,
You have sheltered in your womb. (REF)

4. Glorious Queen, look down in kindness
While before your throne we stand
Bring God's blessings to your children
Watch our homes and guards our lands. (REF)

5. Gate of heaven, You were Mother
To the King of Heaven and earth
Now to be Mother to your subjects,
In our souls give Jesus birth. (REF)

6. Queen of mankind, while creation
Speaks the grandeur of God's love,
Mold our hearts to seek his glory,
Till we reach our homes above. (REF)

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