Vocation Song (Elbert de la Cruz Lyrics)

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Elbert de la Cruz

He has called me so sweetly
he said "Would you come and follow me
Into the thorny path you'd be
With blood and tears like me."

With the cross of life on your shoulder
Pains and trials you will carry on
Just walk a mile after my footprints
And I'd die for you.

No matter how long's the journey
I'll be there for you
You are mine I've chosen you
My love will see you through
So I'll see you there.

Right by your side, O Lord
I'll be your servant forever
And do your will, O Lord

Till your kingdom come on earth
To leave the world alone
And all its glory that is
And lead them all to you
And lead them all to you. (Repeat: Right by your side...)

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