Way of Love (Mimo Perez Lyrics)

Catholic Songbook: Catholic Mass Songs Lyrics Compilation
Catholic Mass Songs Lyrics

Fr. Mimo Perez

1. I wish you hear the song I sing
I wish you join me as I sing
A song of peace, a song of love
The song that everyone would like to sing.

2. I wish we’re all along the road
The road to make the whole wide world
A place of peace, a place of love
A place where everyone can live as one.

And so (Come, let us) let’s join our hands and sing out loud
Let’s show the world, let’s show them how
That the only way to make the world live as one
Is to follow the way of love.

3. I wish that all the wars would end
So a time would reign in our land
A time of peace, time of love
A time of unity for all of us.

4. I wish that all of us would learn
To take the journey hand in hand
To live in peace, to live in love
To live for those who seek the way of love. (REF.)

We’ve been sent to all the world
By He who gave the world
Now with Him who is the way
We all cry out to say. (REF.)

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