You Are Mine (David Haas Lyrics)

Catholic Songbook: Catholic Mass Songs Lyrics Compilation
Catholic Mass Songs Lyrics

David Haas

1. I will come to you in the silence.
I will lift you from all your fears
You will hear my voice,
I claim you as my choice, be still and know I am here.

2. I am hope for all who are hopeless.
I am eyes for all who long to see.
In the shadows of the night,
I will be your light; come, and rest in me.

Do not be afraid I am with you.
I have called you each by name.
Come and follow Me, I will bring you home;
I love you and you are mine.

3. I am strength for all the despairing,
Healing for the ones who dwell in shame.
All the blind will see,
The lame will all run free, and all will know My name. (REF.)

4. I am the Word that leads to freedom.
I am the peace the world cannot give.
I will call your name,
Embracing all your pain, stand up, now walk, and live! (REF.)

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