The Town History of Diadi Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines

Diadi Nueva Vizcaya Municipal Hall
Diadi Nueva Vizcaya Municipal Hall

Previously, Diadi was a barangay of Bagabag. On February 28, 1966, then-Congressman Leonardo B. Perez filed House Bill No. 182 entitled “An Act Creating the Municipal District of Diadi in the Province of Nueva Vizcaya”. It was subsequently passed through Committee Report No.54 of the Committee on Provincial and Municipal Governments. Then, in May 1967, Senator John Osmeña, Jr. recommended the approval of the Bill through Committee Report 1053. On June 17, 1967, R.A. 4973 was approved by both chambers of the Congress, thus creating the Municipality of Diadi.

Diadi is composed of 19 barangays:

  1. Ampakleng
  2. Arwas
  3. Balete
  4. Bugnay
  5. Butao
  6. Decabacan
  7. Poblacion
  8. Escoting
  9. Langka
  10. Lurad
  11. Nagsabaran
  12. Namamparan
  13. Pinya
  14. Rosario
  15. San Luis
  16. San Pablo
  17. Villa Aurora
  18. Villa Florentino
  19. Duruarog

Diadi's town fiesta is called Ragragsakan Festival held every June 15 to 17. Their fiesta is celebrated with parades and playground demonstration, and people’s night. The people are very much excited about watching the annual events like Libnos ti Diadi, sports tournaments open dance competitions and cultural performances. They also include the showcase of agricultural products of each Barangay. They also have parlor games spearheaded by the town officials and active Sangguniang Kabataan.

Their patronal fiesta is St. Joseph, Husband of Mary held every March 19.


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