The Town History of Dupax del Norte Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines

Dupax del Norte Nueva Vizcaya Municipal Hall
Dupax del Norte Nueva Vizcaya Municipal Hall

The name Dupax came from the Isinay word “Dopaj”, which means “to lie down in complete relaxation”. The site of what eventually became the “Poblacion” used to serve as a roaming camp for primitive hunters from surrounding tribal settlements. In 1971, Congress passed RA No. 6372, An Act Creating the Municipality of Dupax del Norte, sponsored by Congressman Benjamin B. Perez and Senator Leonardo B. Perez. To implement its provisions, President Ferdinand E. Marcos promulgated P.D. 586 on 06 November 1974, which virtually paved the way for the decision to divide Dupax into two municipalities, namely: Dupax del Norte and Dupax del Sur. It could be said that the division of Dupax has had a historical basis. As early as 1725, the Municipality of Dupax was said to be inhabited by two tribes, the Maalates and the Caraos. The Maalates, led by a chieftain named Dayag, occupied an area which is known as Parai in Dupax del Norte, while the Caraos, led by Chieftain Tiyu, Pising, lived with the Isinays in Dupax del Sur.

Dupax del Norte is composed of 15 barangays:

  1. Belance 
  2. Bulala 
  3. Lamo 
  4. Malasin 
  5. Oyao
  6. Binnuangan 
  7. Inaban 
  8. Mabasa 
  9. Munguia 
  10. Parai 
  11. Bitnong 
  12. Ineangan 
  13. Macabenga 
  14. New Gumiad 
  15. Yabbi

Dupax Del Norte's town fiesta is called Dupax del Norte Town Fiesta held every April 19 to 22. During the 3rd week of the month of April, festivities featuring the typical celebration of a town fiesta with cultural performances, agricultural trade fairs, beauty and talent competition called the search for "Saniata iti Dupax del Norte", playground demonstration to be participated by the elementary schools in the town, spiritual night, barangay night, DepEd day, mass wedding, and lechonan as bayan, etc.

Their patronal fiesta is St. Anne held every July 29.


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