The Town History of Dupax del Sur Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines

Dupax del Sur Nueva Vizcaya Municipal Hall
Dupax del Sur Nueva Vizcaya Municipal Hall

Dupax derived its name from the Isinay word “DOPAJ” which means to lie down in complete relaxation and rest, which the natives wanted to do after hard days of hunting in the surrounding forest before departing for their homes in the distant settlements. The town was first discovered by Luis Perez Dasmariñas in 1591. Eighteen years later the mission was established in Dupax by the Dominican Friars. But due to territorial disputes between the Franciscans and Dominicans, the mission was later abandoned.

From 1632-1702, Dupax has proven to be too difficult to colonize. Then in 1717, Fr. Alejandro Cacho came on a mission to Dupax and slowly established Christian communities. During that time, three tribes lived in the vicinity of Dupax namely: the Malaats from Ituy; the Caraos from Benguet; and the Bugcalots. The Malaats are said to be the ancestors of the Isinays. It was only in April, 1726 when Dupax was founded as an urban settlement by the Augustinian missionaries Father Nicolas Norbante and Agustin de San Juan. From its foundation, the original town of Dupax was divided into three separate municipalities namely: Dupax del Sur; Dupax del Norte and Alfonso Castañeda.

Dupax del Sur has 19 barangays, namely:

  1. Abaca
  2. Domang
  3. Mangayang
  4. Bagumbayan
  5. Dopaj
  6. Palabotan
  7. Balzain
  8. Gabut
  9. Sanguit
  10. Banila
  11. Ganao
  12. Santa Maria
  13. Biruk
  14. Kimbutan
  15. Talbek
  16. Canabay
  17. Kinabuan
  18. Carolotan
  19. Lukidnon

Dupax del Sur's town fiesta is called Paglingalingan Festival. Celebrated every Apr 9-11. During the 2nd week of the month of April. Festivities featuring the typical celebration of the town fiesta with cultural performances, parade, playground demonstration, people’s night, and also Search for Miss Dupax del Sur.

Dupax del Sur's patronal fiesta is St. Vincent Ferrer held every April 5.


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