The Town History of Quezon Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines

Quezon Nueva Vizcaya Municipal Hall
Quezon Nueva Vizcaya Municipal Hall

The municipality of Quezon was created on 18 June 1961 by virtue of Republic Act No. 4327. Based on the order assigned to the Commission on Elections, referred to as Case No. 405, dated 07 March 1963, the people of Quezon participated in the 12 November 1963 plebiscite and elected its Municipal District Mayor and Municipal District Members. Five years later, Quezon became a full-fledged municipality of Nueva Vizcaya. The original barangays that composed the municipality at that time of its creation were Baresbes, Caliat, Buliwao, Darubba, Maddiangat, and Nalubbanan. On 12 November 1967, Barangays Massin, Calaocan, Bonifacio, Aurora, and Runruno were created. The last barangay created was Barangay Dagupan in 1979.

Quezon is composed of 12 barangays:

  1. Aurora
  2. Buliwao
  3. Dagupan
  4. Maddiangat
  5. Baresbes
  6. Calaocan
  7. Darubba
  8. Nalubbunan
  9. Bonifacio
  10. Caliat
  11. Maasin
  12. Runruno

Quezon's town fiesta is called Tangguyob Festival held every June 16 to 18. Festivities featuring the colorful celebration of a town fiesta with agri-trade fair, float and people’s parade, hut competition, Laro ng Lahi, playground demonstration, people’s night, and the Search for Saniata ken Bayabay ti Quezon.

Their patronal fiesta is St. Francis of Assisi held every October 4.


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