How-to Install ShareThis Emoji Reaction Buttons on Blogger

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The ShareThis Emoji Reaction Buttons are free and compatible with mobile and desktop sites. Do you really think you need the reaction buttons? If you need it then follow the step-by-step instructions below.

For those with no ShareThis account

1. Go to and click on Get Reaction Buttons. Customize your Reaction Buttons window will pop out.

ShareThis get reaction buttons

2. Customize Reaction Buttons. Here you will Enable ShareThis free reaction buttons and other tools across your website. Choose Reaction Share Buttons and click on the Next button and you will be redirected to the sign-up page.

ShareThis Customize your Reaction Buttons window

3. Sign up with ShareThis by entering your details. Click the sign-up button when you're done. The onboarding reaction page will open.

ShareThis Customize your Reaction Buttons window

4. Onboarding reaction page. On this page are codes that you need to copy and install on your website.

ShareThis Onboarding Reaction page

After installing your code click on Continue to Dashboard button located at the bottom of the Onboarding reaction page. Your dashboard will open and you will be prompted to Add a new domain where you wish to use ShareThis products.

ShareThis add new domain

Once you click the Add new domain button your ShareThis Emoji Reaction Buttons will be enabled.

5. Don't forget to activate your ShareThis code you just installed from step #4 above to make it work, please make sure that you added your first code after the <head> or before </head> section of your website. The Activate Code button is located at the upper right part of your dashboard. Click it and at the lower part click on the Activate button. Wait for a few seconds for the Activation successful notification message before you leave your dashboard. You should now see Code activated instead of Activate Code button afterward.

ShareThis activate code

6. To customize your reaction buttons alignment if left, center, left, or justified follow step #4 below.

For those who has a ShareThis account

Follow the below in enabling and adding the ShareThis Reaction Buttons if you already have an account and installed and verified sharethis.js.

1. Log in to your account.

2. Click the Apps Directory section tab at the upper left side of your dashboard and click Engagement tools.

Enable ShareThis Reaction Buttons

3. Copy the below placement code under <data:post.body/> or wherever you wish to show the product. This code is what makes your product work!

<!-- ShareThis BEGIN -->
<div class="sharethis-inline-reaction-buttons"></div>
<!-- ShareThis END -->

4. Within Reaction Share Buttons page. Choose the preferred Alignment of your buttons if left, center, left, or justified by clicking customize your share buttons. After choosing your preferred alignment click update it will notify you to wait for 5 minutes for the change to take effect.

ShareThis Reaction Buttons Alignment

Update ShareThis Reaction Buttons Alignment

You have completed the tutorial. Please share with your friends who might need it!

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