The Town History of Santa Fe Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines

Santa Fe Municipal Hall
Santa Fe Nueva Vizcaya Municipal Hall

Santa Fe was an Igorot settlement during the Spanish time, with the Kalanguyas as its original inhabitants. It was one of the settlements covered during the district missions of Ituy. It later became part of the jurisdiction of the Commandencia of Kayapa, a part of Aritao, before it was made a town. It was first founded as the Municipal District of Imugan by Governor-General Francis Harrison by virtue of Executive Order No. 39. Then, on July 1, 1964, Executive Order No. 77, signed by President Ferdinand E. Marcos, made Santa Fe into a regular municipality. Santa Fe was named in honor of the Patron Saint San Jose-Santa Fe.

Santa Fe is composed of 16 barangays:

  1. Atbu
  2. Bacneng
  3. Balete
  4. Baliling
  5. Bantinan
  6. Baracbac
  7. Buyasyas
  8. Kinabuan
  9. Imugan
  10. Malico
  11. Poblacion
  12. Sinapaoan
  13. Sta. Rosa
  14. Tactac
  15. Unib
  16. Villaflores

Santa Fe's town fiesta is called Kalanguya Festival held every March 8 to 11. Their town fiesta coincides with the Kalanguya Festival (IP (Indigenous People) of Santa Fe). Celebrated with program, float and people’s parade, people’s night headed by officials, and the Search for Ms. Santa Fe. The most awaited event is the cultural day as it showcases the rich culture of the Kalanguyas.

The Kalanguya Festival is one of the most colorful and original cultural festivals in the province.


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