The Town History of Solano Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines

Solano Municipal Hall
Solano Nueva Vizcaya Municipal Hall

The first Spanish Missionary headed by Father Alejandro Vidal founded the municipality of Solano in 1767. It was first named "Lungabang", which means cave in Gaddang. Later, it was called “Lumabang” by the Spaniards. By virtue of an Executive Order of 1851, Governor-General Antonio Urbiztondo declared Lumabang as a barrio of Bayombong for not having sufficient inhabitants and revenue to maintain itself. In 1860, Governor-General Ramon Solano Y Landeral authorized the separation of Lumabang from being a barrio of Bayombong to a full-fledged municipality. And in 1863, its name was changed to Solano in honor of then Governor-General. Solano boasts of an almost perfect town planning. This is a lasting remembrance of the unparalleled wisdom of the late Father Juan Villaverde, who undertook the planning of the town in 1889.

Solano is composed of 22 barangays:

  1. Aggub
  2. Bagahabag
  3. Bangaan
  4. Bangar
  5. Bascaran
  6. Communal
  7. Concepcion
  8. Curifang
  9. Dadap
  10. Lactawan
  11. Osmeña
  12. Quezon
  13. Pd galima
  14. Poblacion North
  15. Poblacion South
  16. Quirino
  17. Roxas
  18. San juan
  19. San luis
  20. Tucal
  21. Uddiawan
  22. Wacal

Solano's town fiesta is called Pagbiagan Festival held every 4th week of April. Translated as Rice and native cakes festival, which coincides with the town’s founding anniversary celebration. A festival to revive the almost forgotten culinary arts of preparing rice cakes and delicates; after which displaying them as exhibits them sharing to the guest and the general public.

Their patronal fiesta is Feast of St. Louis Beltran held every 1st or 2nd week of October.


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