The Town History of Villaverde Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines

Villaverde Municipal Hall
Villaverde Nueva Vizcaya Municipal Hall

On 12 June 1957, Republic Act No. 1972 was passed into law creating the town of Ibung. Two years later, on 21 June 1959, Republic Act No. 2515 was enacted, changing the name of the town from Ibung to Villaverde in honor of Father Juan Villaverde who, in 1872, was instrumental in the creation of the Municipality of Ibung. Villaverde started transacting business as a town on 01 September 1957. Hence, the municipality celebrates its founding anniversary every first day of September.

Villaverde is composed of 9 barangays:

  1. Bintawan Norte
  2. Bintawan Sur
  3. Cabuluan
  4. Ibung
  5. Nagbitin
  6. Ocapon
  7. Pieza
  8. Poblacion
  9. Sawmill

Villaverde's town fiesta is called Padayaman Festival held every September 1 to 3. Festivities featuring the typical celebration of the town fiesta with cultural performances, parade, playground demonstration, people’s night, and also Search for Miss Villaverde. The cultural communities of Ayangan/Ifugao are also showcased.

Their patronal fiesta is Our Lady of Fatima held every May 13.


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