How-to Download YouTube Thumbnails Without Any Software

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Using Thumbnail Save

Thumbnail Save downloader is a free online media application that allows you to view and download any Youtube thumbnail preview image. It currently supports the following formats: Max resolution (1080p and above), HD (720p), Standard quality (480p), and Medium (360p)). It's free and fast thumbnail grabber which allows you to save any YouTube thumbnail on your personal computer and mobile phone.

1. Copy YoutTube video URL

2. Go to Thumbnail Save - YouTube Thumbnail Viewer and Downloader

3. Paste your YouTube video URL in the YouTube video URL box and press submit.

4. Right-click the image and select "Save image as..."

Using YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

YouTube Thumbnail Downloader is a free tool that helps users to view and save YouTube video thumbnail in no time. A simple and easy to use tool which supports four different types of formats such as HQ, SD, HD, and 4K including the low-quality ones, the high-quality ones, and the auto-generated ones.

1. Go to YouTube Thumbnail Downloader – Save YouTube Video Thumbnails

2. Paste the Youtube video URL in the YouTube video URL box and click submit.

3. Wait for a few seconds to download the thumbnail image of your preferred quality (Max Resolution (1080p and above), HD (720p), Medium (480p), and Small (360p)). To download, right-click, and select "Save image as..." Tap on image to view the full size.

Notice: Some links do not have max resolution versions (Even if the video is in 1080p!)

Using the YouTube Image

To download a YouTube thumbnail just copy the video id everything after "". Example

Now choose your preferred YouTube thumbnail size below and copy and paste the dummy link on your browser. And change the "changewithvideoid" to the video id of the YouTube video you want to download its thumbnail. That's it!

1. SD (Standard Definition) 640 x 480:

2. MQ (Medium Quality) (320 x 180:

3. HQ (High Quality) 480 x 360:

4. HD (High Definition) 1920 x 1080:

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