How to Download & Install Lightroom Presets on Android or iOS Devices

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The instructions below are for downloading and installing Lightroom Presets onto your Android or iOS devices. The steps are fairly straight forward with one minor exception for iOS. If you are using iOS you will need to download a separate app that allows you to unzip the file onto your phone. That’s it! Now let's go to the instructions.

Make sure you have the Adobe Lightroom App downloaded and installed on your phone. This app is available for free from the Google Play Store for Android users and the App Store for iOS users.
  1. Download your mobile presets that you purchased onto your phone. If you are using iOS you may want to use Chrome as Safari may have issues downloading larger file types;
  2. Once your presets are downloaded you will need to unzip them. You can do this natively on your Android device, but iOS users will need to download a third-party unzip app. It is recommended using 'iZip' as this is free and very easy to use (you just have to deal with 5 seconds ads now and then);
  3. Once your .zip file is unzipped you will now have a folder with a series of *.dng files. Long press on one of these files and select 'Open in Lightroom';
  4. Once the file is opened in Lightroom you will need to scroll your adjustments panel over to the right until you see the ‘Presets’ option. Go ahead and click on this;
  5. Once this is open you will see three dots in the upper right-hand corner. Click on these and choose 'Create Preset';
  6. Now give your preset a name, choose the group or create a new group that you'd like your preset to be in and make sure to click the tick box next to the word 'tools';
  7. Now click on the checkmark in the upper right-hand corner to save your preset; and
  8. Once the preset is saved, you will be able to add it to any other image that you choose. Just open your image, scroll over to presets in the adjustments panel, and choose your preset to apply it to your image!

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