Like Word Proofing? Then You'll Love This MS Word Proofing Settings

Microsoft Word 2016

If you are a student and want to complete your thesis/dissertation process more quickly you need to take advantage Microsoft Word’s proofing feature. I never knew this when I was a college student. If I only knew it earlier, I was able to save more time and effort in proofing my reflection papers/reaction papers/thesis. I learned about this feature when I was already employed.

Here's my Microsoft Word 2016 Proofing Settings to guide you set your own settings:

Microsoft Word 2016

1. Go To File

2. Click Options

3. Click Proofing

4. Under When Correcting spelling in Microsoft Office programs tick the following (this depends on your needs if you want to tick the other options).

  • tick Ignore Internet and file addresses
  • Flag repeated words

5. Under When correcting spelling and grammar in Word tick the following.

You can tick the Show readability statistics if you want to know the readability and level statistics your writing/document and also make sure it's easy to read to capture your readers attention and keep their focus.

  • Check spelling as you type
  • Mark grammar errors as you type
  • Frequently confused words
  • Check grammar with spelling

*For the Writing Style "choose Grammar & Style" in the drop-down.

6. Save your settings by clicking the OK button.

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