I Cannot Add and Verify My Blogspot Site with PropellerAds

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PropellerAds has been working since 2011 known for one of the best pop-under ad networks. This is a Cost Per Mile (CPM) ad network. So, it doesn't matter whether or not users click your ads, you get paid.

Signing up for a publisher account with PropellerAds is easy because there's no minimum traffic required to join. I signed up and less than a minute I received an email to activate my publisher account, then I received a welcome email thanking me for joining, joining is fast and easy. Now I have to add and verify my website that I want to monetize however, in this step I had already encountered a problem, I can't add and verify my blogspot.com site.

The Reason

PropellerAds tags do not work for websites containing:

  • blogspot.com
  • wordpress.com
  • wix.com
  • weebly.com
  • and other free hosted domain name in the URL.


If you wish to monetize your website based on any of the platforms mentioned, you shall purchase a domain from a Domain Registrar that will register your domain name and host it on their server. WordPress and Blogger also offer hosting services for your own domain for a monthly fee

After buying your own domain you can sign up then add and verify your site.

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