The Reasons Why Chitika Ads Are Not Showing on My Blogspot Site

Chitika online advertising network.

Chitika, founded in 2003, is one of the best-recommended advertising network alternatives to Google AdSense. Like Google AdSense, they allow you to customize your ads and it only serves contextual ads. Also, you can use it in conjunction with Google AdSense which Chitika had found that they complement each other efficiently. This is a Cost Per Click (PPC) ad network.

I signed up for a Chitika ads publisher account because there's no minimum traffic required and is suitable for all the niche type sites. It's fast and easy to sign up like PropellerAds. You don't need to add and verify your site like PropellerAds what you need to do is just add your ad code on your site and allow 1-2 hours for the ads to show. I have waited for more than 2 hours but still, no ads are shown. I cleared my browser's cache and cookies and then normal and hard reloaded the page, but still, no ads are shown. Thankfully, I found the Optimize tab/section on my dashboard where I witnessed that I FAIL all the optimization checks.

Chitika Optimization

The following are the description of each question:

Do I Have Enough Traffic To Make Significant Earnings?

You need at least a couple of thousand impressions per week to earn significant earnings. As your site gets more popular, it gets on the white lists of more and more advertisers - thus resulting in better ad campaigns and higher eCPMs. If your site has very low traffic, most bidders might avoid bidding on your ads altogether as they need to see enough traffic to understand your site's quality.

Do I Have Enough US Traffic?

The United States is the most evolved ad market in the world usually having the highest eCPM. Moreover, Chitika's partners tend to be stronger in the United States. If most of your traffic comes from outside the United States, Chitika would not be a good option for you since effective earnings per 1000 ad requests may be lower.

Are My Domains Approved?

When you implement the Chitika ad code on your website, the Chitika system automatically detects your domain and then starts running quality checks on that domain. Once the quality checks pass, the domain is approved for showing paid ads (in other words: your ad requests start getting auctioned and paid ads start appearing). The list of domains detected for your account will appear on the Domains Report.

Are My Ads Viewable?

When advertisers pay money to show ads on your site, they want to make sure that the ads are actually being viewed by real users. To do this, Chitika uses technology that measures ads that came within the viewing screen of the user. This is reflected in your reports as "Active View Viewable". You can read more about Viewability in this Support Article.

Are My Ad Requests Getting Blocked?

To maintain the quality of the ads that are being put up for auction, Chitika has implemented several systems to filter the ad requests from your site. This is done to protect bad ad requests that originate from your site (for example bots that scrape your site). As bad ad requests get filtered out, only better ad requests go for auction - thus increasing the perceived quality of your site in the eyes of the advertisers bidding on your site.

Are Advertisers Bidding On My Site?

Once your domain is approved, advertisers start bidding on the ad requests coming from your site. If you see a lot of "No Bids", it could be because advertisers are choosing not to bid on your site. When such a situation occurs, non-paying public service ads are shown and you accumulate no earnings.

Am I Using A Free Hosting Provider?

Most advertisers avoid domains hosted on free hosting providers like Blogspot, Tumblr, Wordpress, etc. Even though your domain might be a high-quality domain, most of the free providers are home to a vast ocean of spam and low-quality sites. Due to this, the largest advertisers choose to avoid the entire domain (e.g.

I hope this blog post will help you prepare before you sign up for a publisher account.

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