What's Better for Your Business: LiveChat or Intercom?

LiveChat vs. Intercom
LiveChat vs Intercom

Magento integration

LiveChat offers native integration with Magento 1, 2 & Enterprise with special eCommerce features supported by Magenta technological partnership.

Intercom does not integrate with Magento at the moment.

Product(s) and pricing

LiveChat offers live chat solutions and automated messages within one product (one pricing $39/mo).

Intercom requires two products (Inbox + Messages) (two plans $53 + $53 /mo) to use a fully automated live chat solution.

Ecommerce features

LiveChat offers a variety of eCommerce features, including goals and sales tracking.

Intercom is focused on online companies/startups and does not provide a set of additional eCommerce features.

Bot functionality

LiveChat provides integration with BotEngine, an unlimited Bot factory, letting you set up your own chatbot within LiveChat.

Intercom offers a basic, non-customizable bot functionality, chatting automatically with your visitors.

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