What's the Difference Between LiveChat and Tawk.to?

Comparison of LiveChat and Tawk.to
LiveChat vs. Tawk.to

Native integrations

LiveChat offers an extensive (100+ native integrations) application marketplace, providing easy access to additional applications to be used connected with LiveChat.

Tawk.to does not connect natively with additional applications. Instead, it requires using Tawk.to API for connections' development (20+ integrations).

Social media integrations

You can connect LiveChat with your Facebook fan page and respond to your customers' Facebook queries using one LiveChat app.

Tawk.to does not act as an all-in-one communication channel and does not connect with your social media channels.

Ecommerce features

LiveChat offers a variety of eCommerce features, including ticketing system, goals, and sales tracking, designed for small, medium, and big businesses.

Tawk.to is a free live chat solution focused on providing open-source functionality for small and medium enterprises.

Bot functionality

LiveChat provides integration with BotEngine, an unlimited Bot factory, letting you set up your own chatbot within LiveChat.

Tawk.to does not offer any option to set up an automated bot responding to customer questions.

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