3 Reasons Why PinoyInvestor Is Better Than Other Stock Groups

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3 weeks ago PinoyInvestor got a really nice question from one of their Free subscribers, asking:

"Hi PinoyInvestor team, I'm interested to subscribe to your stock reports but I'm wondering if it's worth it since I can get recommendations as well from stock groups on Facebook and even Twitter. Can you tell me how you can make me earn more money in my trades? ~ Luis P."

PinoyInvestor cannot guarantee that by using PinoyInvestor, any trader can instantly earn more money from his/her trades. Successful trades are dependent on various factors, including selective stock picking, good timing, and exclusive access to market-moving information ahead of everyone else.

But for the past 1st Quarter alone, they are proud that hundreds of their Premium Access subscribers, who followed the Technical recommendations of their partner brokers, were able to book above-average gains. Their most successful trades are summarized below:

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  • Performance Report #1: Consumer Stock Picks Gain 15% in 3 Months vs. 6% Gain of PSEi
  • Performance Report #2: Recommended Stock DMW Rises 18% in just 2 Weeks
  • Performance Report #3: These Recommended Stocks Booked 23% Profits in 1 Month

Now, regarding other possible sources of stock information. True, traders are blessed these days to have easy access to such analyses and recommendations. Traders follow these stock groups and personalities on Facebook and Twitter. Yes, they're free but there are 3 things that make PinoyInvestor still better than these options:

  1. PinoyInvestor has a network of not just one, but eight stockbrokers. By subscribing to PinoyInvestor, you gain access to the reports created daily by not just one or two, but eight stock brokerage companies in the Philippines. These include First Metro Securities, RCBC Securities, Regina Capital, AB Capital Securities, 2TradeAsia, Unicapital Securities, HDI Securities, and AP Securities. No other stock subscription service offers that wide-ranging access to useful and informative PSE market research reports. If you don't like the analysis of one company, then you have seven other companies to choose from. No need to log out from your PinoyInvestor account.
  2. PinoyInvestor provides on-demand, objective information. You've probably seen this but in most Facebook stock groups, the stocks promoted there are controlled by the group owner and posters who may be recommending a stock because they are hyping it. At PinoyInvestor, you get objective and on-demand access to 100+ stocks traded in the PSE. You want an analysis on blue-chip stocks such as GLO, JFC, URC? We've got dozens of those analyses. You want reports on second- and third-tier stocks such as PHA, ISM, CLI, or X? They've got those too. And guess what, these are objective, unbiased reports prepared for you without the goal of hyping a stock.
  3. PinoyInvestor caters to all types of PSE traders and investors. Whether you're a tsupitero or a cost-average player or a fundamentalist or a trend investor, they've got you covered. Market Commentaries, Technicals Talk, Stocks in Focus, Stock Rankings, and Stock Picks -- you name it, they have it.

I am not a stock market investor, not a licensed stock market advisor, does not provide personal investment advice nor advocate Buy/Sell/Hold recommendations of any investments and securities. You should seek advice from qualified/licensed stock market advisors before engaging in any transaction.

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