Born To Love (Elbert de la Cruz Lyrics)

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Elbert T. de la Cruz

You were born to find a treasure
In the bottom of each man's heart
You were bound to go far and wide
To catch the light that's in the dark
In every pain and trial there's that dusty road to victory
You'll realize that freedom's an adventure

You were born to love and live your life the very best
Love's in every Jesus you meet down the road to happiness
Love's in all the times we shared coz you were born to care
Yes you were born to love!

They say the best right in this world is the right to be wrong
Now don't wonder about life in death
Or paradise in the wilderness
It's time for you to change your life anew
And everything will be alright, alright (Repeat CHORUS 2x)

Yes you were born to love!
Yes you were born to love!

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