VDB Blog Named Top 30 Philippines Lifestyle Blogs by Feedspot!

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I have big news! I am so happy because not everyone in the blogosphere is fortunate like me. On June 26, 2019, I received an email from Feedspot's founder Anuj Agarwal with an e-mail subject: Featuring Van Dewey Balao Blog in Feedspot Top 30 Philippines Lifestyle Blogs:

Hi Van,

My name is Anuj Agarwal, I'm the Founder of Feedspot.

Thanks for submitting your Van Dewey Balao Blog on Feedspot.

I would like to personally congratulate you as your Van Dewey Balao Blog has been selected by our panelist as one of the Top 30 Philippines Lifestyle Blogs on the web.


I personally give you a high-five and want to thank you for your contribution to this world. This is the most comprehensive list of Top 30 Philippines Lifestyle Blogs on the internet and I'm honored to have you as part of this!


I thought it was a spam email so I ignored besides I am not expecting someone to choose and feature my blog. But I went back again in my inbox to read the email and to check the link if I was really featured. Since I remember I submitted my blog on Feedspot (a site that helps you keep track of all your favorite blogs, news sites, youtube channels, and RSS feeds in one place) hoping to increase my blog's exposure aside from sharing my blog posts on social media and leaving thoughtful comments on other peoples blog. And I was surprised Anuj was not lying!

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