Must-Read When Is the Best Time to Post on Social Media?

Best Time to Post on Social Media.

Much has been said about what are the best hours to post on social networks and, in reality, these can vary greatly depending on your type of business and the target you are targeting. For this reason, and based on my own experience, I recommend the infallible scientific method of trial-error. Using the right tools and arming ourselves with patience, we will really find out what the optimal publication hours are for our business, although we must not forget that over time this can change and that is why we must analyze.

But since we know that starting from scratch is very complicated, I am going to share these infographics by Michal Wurm in which I will show to you, in general, the best time to publish on the most important social networks.

Take note that the following information might not work for you. Use them as a benchmark to help you get started in personalizing your schedule to grow your social media accounts at the same time your business. It is your responsibility to know the right time when your target audience is most active. This way your social media posts will get the most exposure and engagement.

I hope you find it very useful!

Best Time to Post on Facebook

When to post on Facebook

Best Time to Post on Instagram

When to post on Instagram

Best Time to Post on Twitter

When to post on Twitter

Best Time to Post on LinkedIn

When to post on LinkedIn

Best Time to Post on Pinterest

When to post on Pinterest

Best Time to Post on YouTube

When to post on YouTube


The statistics that the different social networks offer us or that we can access from external platforms are a very good resource to better know our followers and understand how they behave. Now, when publishing, is it necessary to follow this data strictly? My recommendation is that you practice something as simple as trial and error. Try to publish at peak times and in the previous periods when your users begin to connect more and see when it works best for you. If it compensates you to compete when all the brands are present or it is preferable to do it in hours with less audience, but also less active competition.

Useful Tools And Resources To Help You With Your Social Media And Online Marketing!

If you find it difficult and overwhelming to create social media content and want to save even more time, snatch these additional useful social media tools at Social Media Masterplan - 903 Social Media Post Ideas to skyrocket your business.

Also, grab this amazing email marketing tool The Happy Subscribers Toolkit: Your Personal Toolkit of Ideas & Templates To Keep Your Email List Happy, Engaged, And Wildly Profitable.

And if you are struggling to create a graphic for your social media posts, presentation, or anything that looks good. Create an account with Canva, it's free. They have thousands of beautiful free templates to choose from (see below list of templates category). I am personally using Canva and I love it!

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