Why Working From Home is Better Than Working in an Office

Work from home to reduce the outbreak of the virus.

1. Less stress

Stress is hard on the mind — this much we instinctively know. But what we may not realize is how much our daily reactions to stress take a cumulative toll on our minds. Working from home can greatly reduce your stress level, make you a happier person, and help you to get more stuff done overall.

2. Be your own boss

Working from home gives you a sense of freedom and, while you might still be officially working for someone else, it makes you feel as if you are in control and are your own boss.

3. All the comforts of home

Home is where the heart is and your home is the most comfortable place there is. Being able to work from such a comfortable place can be awesome but it does come with its own set of issues. Commingling your workspace with your personal space can cause problems for some people.

4. Wake up later, start earlier

Remote workers don’t have to worry about spending an hour or two hours commuting to work or 30 minutes fixing their hair and ironing their clothes. This means they can wake up later and get to work earlier.

5. Quiet when you need it

When you’re working in a busy office, it’s sometimes impossible to escape all of the chatter and background noise. Personally, when I’m getting into a zone with some emails or dealing with employers, background noise can be a huge distraction. When I’m working at my apartment I can play my music, or sit in silence and concentrate when I need to.

6. Never feel like someone is looking over your shoulder

When you are free to hop on social media as much as you want without the fear of being caught by a micromanaging boss, you’ll find that you do it drastically less. This actually leads to a more relaxed work environment where you spend less time goofing off and more time accomplishing what needs to get done.

7. Working remotely actually makes you more social

Let’s face it, you spend most of your personal and work time in the same place, some home-based workers often feel the urge to go out and be social in the evenings. While most people fear seclusion when working from home, it can actually lead to a more dynamic social life!

8. Earth Day, Every Day

The biggest environmental benefits of telecommuting are obvious, it keeps millions of people from commuting to and from work, which takes millions of cars off the roads. By reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing fuel and oil consumption, we are helping to pollute the air and water-less.

9. Spend more time with your pets

Working from home means you can spend more time with your puppies or cats if you are one of those people! It’s proven that being around loving animals reduces your stress level overall and keeps those lonely feelings away.

Don’t get me wrong, offices can be great. But the benefits of working from home or working remotely greatly outweigh the benefits of having a physical office in my opinion. So what do you think? Tell me why you think working from home is or isn’t better than working from a physical office.

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