The Essential Guide on How to Cancel Your Scribd Automatic Payments

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Having trouble with Scribd?

You are not the only one having trouble with Scribd, if you search the internet there are lots of people voicing out their frustrations because even if they cancelled their premium membership still Scribd is pulling money out of their account. And to force Scribd from not continuously pulling money out of your account, you also need to cancel your Scribd automatic payments with PayPal by following this workaround I made for cancelling Feedspot Gold Subscription the process is the same.

See below screenshot my Scribd Automatic Payments is now Inactive meaning Scribd can no longer take money out of my account.

Scribd Automatic Payments

After you cancel your Scribd Automatic Payments you will receive an email from PayPal saying:

Hello [Your Name],

This email confirms that you have cancelled your billing agreement with Scribd. No further payments will be made from your PayPal account to this merchant.

If you have any further questions about the agreement, or wish to reinstate it, please contact Scribd directly.



Let me know if this works for you!

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