How to Fix Blogger Main Page Doesn't Show the Correct Number of Posts

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Yesterday I noticed that the number of posts showing on my main page was only 5 instead of 6. I tried to change it to 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12 but still showing 5 posts. The reason, according to DarkUFO is that if some of your posts are very large/long your template is attempting to load them all on the homepage. It's timing out and as a result, the last post is missing from the homepage. I agree because one of my latest posts entitled "The Catholic Gospel Sharing Methods (GSM)" is very large/long and the last post is missing from the homepage as you can see on the below screenshot.

Blogger latest post bug

This bug is not new, in fact, it happens already to other bloggers in the past. So sad that until now Blogger Developers have not yet resolved. This bug can happen even if you're using a default Blogger template or a custom Blogger template as long as if one or two of your 6 or 12 latest/recent posts is/are very large.

To solve this bug just follow either one of the methods below that I found on the internet.

1. Adding a page break in your long post(s). See below screenshot:

Adding a page break in a Blogger post.

2. Adding a "more" code at the beginning of your long post(s). Edit your very large post(s), go to HTML mode, and add the "more" at the very beginning of your post. See below screenshot:

<!-- more -->
Adding a more code in a Blogger post.

The "more" code above the article speeds up the homepage loading by only loading the parts of the article that are required for the homepage. That is the title and image.

My problem has been resolved now. Let me know in the comment section if these methods work for you.


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