Save Time and Energy on Every Situation With Email Templates

Save time and energy with email templates for every situation

By Sean Farrell
Ghergich & Co.

How much do you think about what you’re doing on email? Do you just dash things off without a care in the world, or are you invested in how things look and feel? If you’re doing the latter, great, but you’re also probably aware of how much time it can take to get email right, and how much potential for downfall there is when you do email wrong. That’s why it’s worth the time to investigate email templates for a lot of the things you do.

When we talk about templates, what we mean first are templates that can work as autoresponders. Doing so helps save you a lot of time, and you can use programs like Gmail’s canned responses. You can use them after a meeting, for example. What are some other ways to use email templates to make life easier and more efficient? This graphic offers some insights.

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