The Ultimate Guide on How to Disable Automatic Linking In Blogger Posts

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I have few articles that contain "" texts. I did not hyperlink them but Blogger or Blogspot automatically converts all these "" texts into clickable links/hyperlinks. I think WordPress users are also frustrated with this problem.

I did some research on how to disable automatic linking in Blogger or Blogspot posts and I found out that Blogger or Blogspot is not the culprit. It turned out that the Disqus comment plugin (my new commenting system) is the one that automatically linking those "" texts into hyperlinks. Read the below-quoted texts from Simagin Andrey of SiteAnalyzer why the Disqus comment plugin is hyperlinking them:

Once I noticed on the pages of my site that each domain or link in the text began to be formatted with a hyperlink of the format <a class="vglnk" href="..., which, when clicked, takes visitors away from the site. At the same time, the data in the HTML editor is "hyperlink" are plain text.

Opening the link properties through the source code research plugin, it turned out that the link has a VGLNK class, which was never used in the CSS styles of this site.

<a class="vglnk" href="" rel="noreferrer">

Googling this question, it turned out that the Disqus comment plugin was to be blamed for everything – it was he who turned fragments of plain text, similar to links, into direct hyperlinks of his affiliate sites (apparently Disqus is working with VigLink to post their affiliate links on our own sites. Scoundrel!).

Here's how I solved my problem by following Simagin Andrey's solution

  • go to the admin panel in your Disqus account. 
  • go to the settings of a particular site (or go to the address change "yourdomain" with your domain to jump immediately to the page.
  • In the Advanced section, uncheck the box "Affiliate Links: Automatically append merchant codes to product links on your site."
  • Press the Save button.
  • You are done! Refresh your site and check, those "" texts are no longer clickable links/hyperlinked.
Disqus Affiliate Links: Automatically append merchant codes to product links on your site.

I hope this made your day! Stay safe and take care.

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