How to Get Rid of Error Checking for Updates on Google Play Store App

Google Play Store Application
Image by Dignited

I was unable to update my applications for a week because of Error Checking for Updates on Google Play Store Application. The first thing that came to my mind was because of intermittent internet connection due to the bad weather we've been experiencing here in the province.

But yesterday I found a solution which I want to share it with you if you are having the same problem. Here's how to fix it on Android phones, I suggest clearing cache and data from the Google Play Store application.

1. On your Android phone go to your Settings

2. Tap on Apps & notifications (Permissions, Default apps)

Android Apps & notifications

3. Tap on Apps

Android Apps

4. Find the Google Play Store app and tap it

5. Tap on Storage

Android Storage

6.Tap on Clear Cache then Clear Data

Android Clear Data and Clear Cacher

7.You're done. Restart your phone and you should be able to update your applications now!

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