Must-Read 25 Things Nobody Tells You About Grandpa's Top Tips

Photo of smiling little boy with his grandfather, enjoying in the amazing nature.
  1. Plant to Keep Mosquitos Away! The castor bean plant. Seeds available from any nursery. Plant in pots within the house; replant outdoors. Decorative and they grow like weeds!
  2. Break a Dog from Chasing Cars! Attach a stick to the dog's collar to strike at his knees when he runs.
  3. Remove Chewing Gum from Rugs and Clothing! Turpentine is most effective.
  4. Keep Grass from Growing Near Walks! Saturate the strip with used motor oil. Not new oil.
  5. Camp Stove - Carry in Your Pocket! Fill a can with sand and saturate with gasoline, kerosene, alcohol, etc.
  6. Common Substance to Ink Makes It Waterproof! Add ink to a bit of common glue and allow to dissolve completely.
  7. Green Lawn All Winter! In the autumn, scatter Italian rye (or equivalent) grass on the lawn.
  8. Stagnant Water Made Safe to Drink! To a quart of water add about 10 drops tincture of iodine. Let stand.
  9. Keeps Fleas Off Dogs! A little sage. Obtainable in any grocery store in the "Seasonings" department.
  10. Mosquito Remedy! Mix oil of citronella in a common Vaseline and apply it to exposed areas.
  11. Dandruff: coconut oil is most effective for stubborn cases.
  12. Arthritis! Take 2 tbsp. orange juice thoroughly mixed with 1 tbsp. cod-liver oil on an empty stomach just before bedtime at night after several hours have elapsed after the evening meal. Eat no food or drink, no liquid of any kind, for a number of hours after taking the oil. This lapse of time allows the stomach to empty and bile flow to subside. Then when the whole digestive system is resting, the oiled orange juice will pass into the bloodstream and is readily absorbed by the bone structure which comprises the malady. Many folks have tried this and have had no occurrence of arthritis since the after years of being partially crippled.
  13. Magical Fish Bait Gets the Big Ones! Use oil of Rhodium, 1 ounce, mixed with 1/2 ounce of oil of anise. Put on bait.
  14. Wood Furniture Restorer! Mix 3 parts linseed oil with one-part turpentine. Rub on furniture with a woolen cloth, let dry, rub with a dry woolen cloth.
  15. Valve Grinding Compound! Mix finely powdered pumice with petroleum jelly.
  16. Aluminum Cleaner and Polish! Two ounces borax in 1-pint water.
  17. Meat Tenderizer! Mix 17 ounces papaya juice into 1 gallon of water. Sprinkle on meat, pound lightly, let stand 30 minutes.
  18. Cockroach Killer! Mix equal parts Plaster of Paris and oatmeal. Sprinkle on roach trails.
  19. Renew Auto Batteries! Dissolve 1 ounce Epsom salts in warm water for each cell.
  20. To Open That Stuck Zipper: Rub the teeth with a bar of soap or spray with shaving cream.
  21. How to Remove Scorches: Wet scorched area and cover with cornstarch, then brush off when dry.
  22. Make an Emergency Clothes Brush: Wrap a piece of tape around the hand, sticky side out.
  23. How to Get Rid of Shiny Pants: Make a solution of one-part vinegar to four parts water. Soak a cloth in the solution, wring out, place over pants, and press lightly.
  24. Caring for Leather: Brush with skim milk every three months.
  25. How to Soften Leather Shoes: Sponge with black coffee.
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