27 Social Media Platforms to Consider for Your Business

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Generally, people make use of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Thanks to the fact that they are the platforms that have gained the most fame for many years. Therefore, they hold billions of users who have managed to get to know each other from these digital sites, regardless of their location in the world.

However, due to the great importance is shown by business's social networks today, there are more alternatives that have been created in order to offer a better variety to each type of user and thus, be able to meet their requirements at the leisure level, fun or even commercial. Since these platforms are also used by companies and brands to promote their products or services.

For this reason, it is valuable to know solutions that go beyond common platforms. Today I want to show you a list of 27 social networks that, surely, maybe to your liking take into account, mainly, its most relevant benefits and its popularity in various locations around the world.


It is the messaging application owned by Facebook that, so far, according to Statista it has more than 2.8 billion monthly active users as of the first quarter of 2021. Thus, it is considered a social network that simplifies instant communication between Facebook users and contains excellent functions and features that can ensure a great experience for your business's social networks. One of them is the possibility of creating group chats in a simple way.

2. Instagram

So far, this recognized social network has more than a billion users and it is estimated that its community continues to grow. Especially because it is the world's most powerful mobile photographic platform. Thus, in addition to a large number of private users it has, it also has a notable variety of companies, brands and businesses that promote their products and services there, obtaining success.

In this sense, Instagram is considered an ideal digital site to display what you want and be close to the celebrities you admire the most.


Available on the Google Play Store and the App Store, this service is a social network with around 1.24 billion monthly active users in the first quarter of 2021 around the world. One of its biggest advantages is that it offers multiple options to chat with other users. In addition, it has absolutely verifiable ease of use that all users like business's social networks.

For its part, the platform allows for a fast transfer of files, regardless of their size or type of format, as it supports PDFs, spreadsheets, Adobe Creative Cloud (Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.) files, and even movies.


Basically, it refers to a social media website that simplifies the process of sharing photos, videos, and social media. Therefore, it is considered as one of the main and largest social networking sites worldwide. Taking into account that, in particular, it has had a wonderful expansion within the European continent and in Asia.

Users can use Fotki’s free version or if they want a Premium Account with flexible storage options and advanced features and tools.


Despite the fact that this social network presents a smaller increase around the number of users who constantly join. It is also a platform with an excellent track record that has around according to Wordstream 350 million monthly active users and 152 million daily active users, for which it is considered one of the most popular and most widely used worldwide. Thus, a site was chosen by those who want to be aware of the news that occurs in all parts of the world.

As for its main features, it is valuable to note that Twitter has an intuitive concept, it supports synchronization, it is completely free, it is multiplatform, and it generates a remarkable virality and visibility & business's social networks.


It is a social network of Russian origin that has 100 million active users and exhibits a great resemblance to the giant Facebook. That is to say, it is also known as "the Russian Facebook" and even, this network is almost always identified as "VK". However, in addition to this, it is also widely used in other European countries.

Now, the reasons why this social network is identified as the "Russian Facebook", is regarding its colors (white and blue), as well as its options for sharing content on the wall of other users, search different categories and for its innovative function incorporated in 2016, for live to message and also to publish stories.


This option is one of the most used today, according to 99Firms it has 303 million active monthly users (40% of which visit the site daily) and its growth is increasingly observed. Above all, because it is a platform in which professionals have great coverage and thanks to that, they obtain notable benefits. Highlighting that, the main foundation of this social network is to be able to easily create labor relations.

Therefore, LinkedIn is one of the most recommended platforms if you are looking for a job or business's social networks to offer your professional knowledge.


It is a social network that was founded in 2003 and has more than 200 million users who can have as many friends as they want. In addition, in order to have a little more security within the platform, it gives the option of being able to select up to 15 friends as the main one. However, if you misuse this service, Hi5 will not protect you from the type of friends that contact you.

The other type of comments is in the photos and may be accompanied by decorations, likewise, you can make comments in the newspaper that are similar to those of blogs and, business's social networks finally, the "fives" that are permanent emoticons.

Hi5 is owned by The Meet Group the developer of MeetMe, Lovoo, and Skout.


It is a social network dedicated to bringing together people from anywhere in the world, since it is an ideal place to meet new people, organize appointments and, of course, find a new partner with whom you have common tastes. Therefore, it is perfect for any user who is looking for a relationship, regardless of whether it is a boy or a girl.

As for the operation of Match, basically, it tries to create a profile in a matter of a few minutes and enter your Facebook profile, in addition to including your name, personal data and some photos.

Mashable says Match has an estimated 35-39 million unique monthly visitors. And has over 59 million monthly active users according to Dating Site Reviews.


Snapchat is a social network that can be used from mobile phones and Tablets, so it supports both Android and iOS devices. Thus, it is one of the most popular social networks, taking into account that it was the one that promoted the famous filters with which practically all users have had fun. Therefore, this platform ensures the enjoyment of its users and especially, it is the favorite of young people of the moment.

In short, Snapchat has real-time chat that supports photos, it also has to chat with irreplaceable friends and this gives you the possibility to write and share content with up to 16 friends simultaneously. Mind that Snapchat also allows video sharing.

According to Statista, Snapchat has 229 million daily active users worldwide and 360 million monthly active users according to We Are Social.


If it is about social networks to share photos, 500px is one of the best-qualified services for it, currently. Indeed, it has a community made up of around 15 million members who love photography and, of course, share completely interesting content. Keeping in mind that, here you will only find really professional photographs and not just any snapshot or meme.

Among its best features, I highlight that it allows you to explore inspiring photos, ranked as the best in the world, thanks to their quality and excellence. In addition, you can portray your own personal style or the way you portray yourself to the world through it.


With its headquarters in New York, this social network was created since 2007 and so far, it has obtained more than 170 million registered and active users. Which basically allows the user to share texts, images, videos, audios, links, among others. In addition to being able to interact with other people and meet new friends. Thus, its main use lies in it.

In general, Tumblr is one of the most widely used platforms to spread the content of various types such as text, photos, links from your own blog or other’s blog, quotes, chat, audio, GIFs, and videos.

According to Statista Tumblr has 327.5 million unique visitors worldwide and has 371 million monthly visits according to Dustin Stout.


Although it is true, this platform is the most used for video exchange and thanks to this, it has more than 2 billion active users around the world according to Wordstream. This service is owned by Google and, in fact, it is also highly recognized for it. In reference to its operation, YouTube is a site where all users can share and watch videos of all kinds, according to their requirements.

YouTube allows you to create lists so that, in a personalized way, you can see your own content and everything you want. It is also a multiplatform social network business, it gives you the facility to save videos for later viewing, it allows you to promote content, easily create photo slides with music, etc. Currently, this service is considered the second most used search engine worldwide.


If you are a video lover, this social network just behind YouTube is the one for you. Since with more than 106 million visitors every month and more than 2 billion video views around the world, this social platform is the favorite to watch as many videos as you want, even when you do not have an Internet connection or WiFi network. Dailymotion, according to Ionos, has 300 million users.

Thus, there you can explore the music with the best quality, the latest news, everything related to what happens in the world of sports, among others.


It is an instant messaging social network that, in addition to that, gives the possibility to call, view and send messages to whomever you want and the amount you want. It also allows you to create groups of friends and share the content you want, from images to audios and videos. Among its main features, we find that it allows you to make audio calls using the Internet connection and you can even include up to 25 more users in a said call.

Today Skype has 40 million daily active users according to Venture Beat.


Although it is true, this type of music network has had a remarkable expansion around the world, thanks to the fact that it guarantees an important simplicity to listen to music from wherever you want. Since it refers to a completely free multiplatform service that does not show limitations.

One of its greatest advantages is that the system analyzes the business's social networks so that everyone who is listening to it can leave their comment at an indicated moment in the audio. Today it has 200 million users.


Another of the most used instant messaging social networks is Telegram, in view of its completely free service and completely accepted by the world's youngest public. It is valuable to note that it was born since 2013 and it amassed 400 million monthly active users.

In this sense, Telegram allows all its users to chat with others easily, offering excellent functions to simplify communication between various people worldwide.


Admitting a free registration, this music social network also brings together a community with a large number of users, taking into account that it has been operating since 2008. Basically, Bandcamp is a platform that works to promote independent artists and then launching them, in order to achieve greater recognition and good dissemination.

Once any business between the author and the interested person is completed, the social network keeps a percentage of the sale made. However, if the user increases the number of sales, said percentage will be less.

WhatsApp Messenger

This, without a doubt, is another one of the most used chat and messaging social networks in the world by customers of all ages, to establish communication easily, with other people and through various mechanisms. Thanks to the fact that, in addition to having messages sent, it allows sending any multimedia content and making calls and video calls without any kind of limitation. It is a free messaging social network available for Android and other smartphones. WhatsApp Messenger has 2.0 billion users worldwide according to MessengerPeople.


Although it is true, Tinder is one of the main social networks to easily link and relate, which is why it is considered an excellent reference in this sector. Thus, it is an app available both in the Google Play Store and in the App Store is completely free and with versions in over 40 languages. Which means that it has billions of users worldwide.

Regarding its operation, it is based on “sliding, matching and chatting”, in order to find a new partner.


It refers to a social network based on slide hosting, which has 500 million monthly active users. This platform was acquired by LinkedIn in 2012 and since then, it has been considered a great place to upload PowerPoint slides, PDFs, Word documents, Open Office, and even audio and video formats.

Thus, SlideShare is considered an ideal mechanism for brands and companies that want to boost their business. Since it allows sharing corporate presentations in a simple way.


This free social network is aimed at the public of gay and bisexual boys who want to meet others who are close to them, but in a discreet and completely anonymous way to protect the personal information of each user. This is why people who want to join Grindr do not need to fill out a profile with confidential information to register or reveal personal data. Therefore, it is only based on the exact location of each user.


Within the category of social business management platforms, you can find this network that facilitates the administration of any type of project and in addition to offering apps for Android and iOS, it has a web interface. This platform is easy to use by users of any age.


With more than 16 million users, this French streaming service was created in 2006. It offers an extensive catalog of business's social networks that adapts to all the tastes of the community. Basically, it operates under the concept of online music streaming, in which you can follow your friends, suggest the business's social networks you want, discover new artists and songs around your preferences, get lists of songs & Advertise created by other users, etc.


In this social network, you can create and share boards on which to add your pins, that is, your images. Thus, it has 367 million monthly active users today and so far, it is one of the most used social platforms in the United States by young people.

For its part, it is a service that facilitates the process of attracting web traffic to a certain page or blog that you want to publicize. Therefore, it is an excellent mechanism for those who want to promote their brand or business and have a larger audience interested in the subject they handle on a website.


Within the social networks for tourism, you can find Tripadvisor where they admit a completely free registration to users from all over the world. Since it operates based on tourism, it is an ideal platform for those who love to travel and visit other places. Taking into account that, on Tripadvisor, you will see a large number of opinions from various users, regarding hotels, restaurants, attractions and other parameters of interest of a specific place.

In short, the social network shows a variety of photographs and travel tips so that you can have the best vacations where you are most attracted. Now, among its important data, it is worth highlighting that this the site has traffic of around 455 million unique visitors every month, lists over 7 million locations, provides up to more than 570 million user comments and opinions have reviews of 7 million accommodations and restaurants that adapt to all tastes and prices, etc.


It is a social network that falls within the category of platforms referring to lifestyles. Which is free and is based on a great option for moviegoers, business's social networks since it reveals the best news about the movies of the moment, allows you to suggest, comment and share movies with friends, watch the latest previews and see the images of all the movies that they catch your attention.


Are there more profitable social networks? As we have seen throughout the article, today, there are a large number of social networks. Each of them has its characteristics and peculiarities. Therefore, it is important to know them thoroughly when choosing the most suitable for your business.

Are there more profitable social networks than others? Yes, of course, depending on your sector and business scope, there will be social networks that bring you more profits than others do.

I hope and wish that, with this post, you have been able to learn something new and, above all, it has served you to know what are the best social networks for companies today. And you, do you think you are getting the most out of your business's social networks?

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