Beginners Guide: How to Access Pinterest Analytics and Metrics

Pinterest is an online Pinboard that allows people to pin their contents.

Community Managers or CMs have another tool accessible to them with the arrival of the updated Pinterest's Analytics Tool for Businesses. It is a free analytics tool that lets you measure the efficiency and effectiveness of your business presence on Pinterest, giving you the ability to identify activity patterns and to determine how to best use the site. It shows your Top Boards and Top Pins from your business profile in Impressions, Engagements, Closeups, Link Clicks, and Saves. This suggests what items people are most interested in. It'll also give you insights about the people who are following you or interacting with your pins. It provides information on Age, Gender, Location, Device used, etc., so you can better tailor your offerings to your customers Pinterest activities.

How to Access Pinterest Analytics and Metrics

You'll need a business account to access Pinterest Analytics. You can get one or convert an existing Pinterest profile at If your existing profile isn't a business profile follow HubSpot tutorial How to Convert Your Personal Pinterest Account Into a Business Account (Or Set Up a Pinterest Business Account From Scratch).

Finding your analytics is simple.

Pinterest Analytics

The Analytics tab is situated at the top left-hand corner of Pinterest's navigation bar just right beside the Create Tab, and you should simply click and choose where precisely you'd prefer to go. Or, if you have a business account already you can get to your analytics by visiting

Pinterest analytics is organized into three sections:

  1. Analytics Overview
  2. Audience Insights
  3. Video

Analytics Overview

The Analytics Overview section is divided into four distinct metrics:

  • Impressions: this is the number of times your Pins were seen.
  • Total Audience: this is the total number of people who have seen or engaged with your Pins.
  • Engagements: this is the total number of engagements on your Pins, including saves, closeups, link clicks, and carousel swipes.
  • Engaged Audience: this is the number of people who engaged with your pins.
  • You can also see your Top Boards and Top Pins in this section.
  • Top Boards: you can see your boards Impressions, Engagements, Closeups, Link Click, and Saves.
  • Top Pins: what you can see here is the same with Top Boards.

Audience Insights

What you can see in this section are the following:

  • Age: info is only available from people who've chosen to provide it. People under 18 may be included in your audience, but their ages aren't included in your report.
  • Gender: info is only available from people who’ve chosen to provide it.
  • Location: info shown here are the top countries your audience originated from.
  • Device: many people use more than one type of device. Each type of device used will be counted in this chart. Types of devices iPhone, iPad, Android Mobile, Android Tablet, Mobile Web, or Web.


Like the Analytics Overview section, the Video section is divided also into four distinct metrics:

  • Video views: this is the total number of times your video Pins were watched for at least once second.
  • Total watch time (minutes): this is the total time spent watching your video pins.
  • Link clicks: this is the total number of times people have clicked on your Pin to a destination on or off Pinterest.
  • Saves: this is the total number of times your Pins were saved.
  • You can also see the Performance over time and Top Pins in this section.
  • Performance over time: you can see your videos Impressions, Link Click, Saves, Video views, Average watch time, Total watch time (minutes), 95% views, and 10-second views.
  • Top Pins: what you can see here is the same with Performance over time.

In this updated Pinterest Analytics tool you can find everything you need to help you answer your questions. Take advantage of those free advice provided by Pinterest so that you can make the most of your Pinterest marketing efforts.

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