Must-Read Best Performing Stocks in the PSE in 2021

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Happy New Year! PinoyInvestor got good news and bad news for you in this post.

First, the bad news: did you know that the full 1-year return of the PSEi in 2021 was a dismal -0.24%? This means the stock market's performance was relatively flat, even slightly lower, compared to that of the previous year 2020.

In short, the PSE's return is tantamount to actually not trading at all in 2021. So if your stock portfolio generated positive profits in 2021, congratulations! You're one of the very few investors who managed to beat the PSEi! Read the full PSE trading report here.

What about the best-performing stocks or top 10 gainers last year?

Surprisingly, Ever Gotesco Resources & Holdings (EVER) was the biggest gainer in 2021, rising by a massive 297.59% in one year. This was followed by ACE Enexor (ACEX) which grew 178.17% last year and GMA Network (GMA7) which saw its stock price rise by 129.90%. View the complete list of Top 10 best and worst performing stocks in the PSE in this year-end report.

Now, the good news: PinoyInvestor believes there's a big opportunity to earn profits in the stock market this new year 2022. Why?

The Philippine economy is reopening, businesses are recovering, and the 2022 national elections will certainly spur GDP growth due to public spending and consumption. Now is the best opportunity to invest in Philippine stocks!

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