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Every week, PinoyInvestor's partner stockbroker First Metro Securities (the brokerage company owned by the Metrobank Group) delivers to our Premium members the Model Portfolios report. What's the value of a model portfolio, you ask?

To put it simply, model portfolios make it easy for you to profitably trade the PSE. Because every week, First Metro Securities already tells you which stocks to buy or sell -- and the good part is, they have four (4) model portfolios you can choose from depending on your investment goals.

Check out their 4 Model Portfolios below.

1. Riding the Momentum - model portfolio composed of well-established companies with sustained profitability and high earnings expectations. These stocks are characterized as having high Earnings per Share (EPS) growth and high Price-to-Earnings (P/E) ratio.

2. Value Play - model portfolios comprised of 5 stocks that are undervalued by the market but able to provide high return to shareholders. These stocks have low Price-to-Book (P/B) ratio and high Return on Equity (ROE).

3. Yield Seeker - model portfolio composed of stocks that can generate above-average dividend yields. These stocks are characterized as having high Dividend Yields and high Dividend Coverage Ratio (DCR).

4. Unloved - model portfolio composed of five stocks that could potentially generate high earnings but are currently underrated by the market. These stocks are characterized as having high Earnings per Share (EPS) growth and low Price-to-Earnings (P/E) ratio.

How about their performance? Can you really make money by following the model portfolios?

Actually, in just two months, from January to February this year, the "Value Play" and "Yield Seeker" portfolios have consistently outperformed the PSEi. While the PSE index is merely up 2.25% year-to-date (YTD), the Value Play portfolio is ahead with 10.21% gain while the Yield Seeker portfolio is up 5.70%. Here's a summary of the model portfolios' performance.

Performance Of The 4 Model Portfolios
Performance Of The 4 Model Portfolios

So if you're a trader finding it difficult to make profitable trades every time, why not give the Model Portfolios a try? Upgrade to Premium Access today for as low as P399.00 a month and get the Model Portfolios report every week for one whole year!

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