Catholic Introduction To The Old Testament: The First Book of Maccabees

Maccabees by Wojciech Stattler
Maccabees by Wojciech Stattler

The first Book of the Maccabees describes events in Jewish history from the time of Antiochus Epiphanes (175 B.C.) to the rise of John Hyrcanus (134 B.C.).

The historical interest of the book centers in the Hasmonean, or Maccabean family, and it supports the view that they are divinely chosen to save Israel, he book also has a strong religious theme: God is at work in history and will give victory as a reward to those who are faithful to him.

Outline of Contents

Persecution and the revolt of Mattathias 1.1—2.70

The leadership of Judas Maccabeus 3.1—9.22

The leadership of Jonathan 9.23—12.53

The leadership of Simon 13.1—16.24


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