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The documents that came with your motorcycle contain helpful information regarding your motorcycle, including the color code, specifications for some mechanical and electronic components, and information on the major service procedures. You can obtain a digital copy of your owner's manual or parts catalogue, but don't forget regularly bring your motorcycle to your local Honda Philippines dealer near you for maintenance.

To download your owner's manual and parts catalogue you just need to enter the Engine Displacement / Model Name / Model Year of your motorcycle. You'll discover a lot of helpful information about your motorcycle.

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TMX125α TMX125 Alpha Owner's Manual and Parts Catalogue

TMX125 Alpha is powered by the legendary Overhead Valve (OHV) engine, making it unique from other motorbikes. This OHV engine uses a push rod to balance acceleration and control for hours of easy and hassle-free operations while being fuel-efficient at 62.5km/L at 45Km/H constant speed. And to meet the customers’ requirement for best balance of engine power and acceleration, the rear sprocket is improved from 44T to 38T, making it perfect bike for daily commuting usage. -HondaPH

Owner's Manual for TMX125 Alpha 2021 Model

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Owner's Manual for TMX125 Alpha 2018 Model

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Parts Catalogue for TMX125 Alpha 2021 / 2018 / 2015 Model

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