The Town History of Bambang Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines

Bambang Nueva Vizcaya Municipal Hall
Bambang Nueva Vizcaya Municipal Hall

In 1609, Father Thomas Gutierrez, a Dominican missionary from Pangasinan, arrived to establish the first missionary settlement (subsequently called YTUY), which today actually comprises the towns of Aritao, Dupax, Bambang and parts of Kayapa. Although the seat of the vast missionary settlement of YTUY was Aritao, which was established as early as 1609, it was not until 1747 that the first missionaries, Father Urmanza and Father Franco, arrived in Bambang. In 1751, Father Urmanza was transferred, leaving Father Franco alone attending to the spiritual needs of the new 16 converted natives. He then converged them in one site, what is now known as PUNAWA. There, the people settled once again at Tabangan Hill. In 1777, the people transferred to a place within the vicinity of a pit (“Bang-Bang”) were the warring Ilongots and Igorots buried their weapons to symbolize the end of their tribal feuds. Subsequently, the town was named Bambang, which is is derived from the term “Bang-Bang”.

Bambang is composed of 25 barangays:

  1. Abian
  2. Almaguer North
  3. Barat
  4. Dullao
  5. Mabuslo
  6. Manamtam
  7. Salinas
  8. San Antonio South
  9. Santo Domingo West
  10. Abinganan
  11. Almaguer South
  12. Buag
  13. Homestead
  14. Macate
  15. Mauan
  16. San Fernando
  17. San Leonardo
  18. Aliaga
  19. Banggot
  20. Calaocan
  21. Indiana
  22. Magsaysay Hills
  23. Pallas
  24. San Antonio North
  25. Santo Domingo Proper

Their town fiesta is called Panggayjaya Festival. The festival celebration of the beautiful people of Bambang held every April 26 to 28. It is a town fiesta with street dancing competition, float parade, ground demonstration participated by schools of the town and people’s night. One of the most awaited events of the fiesta is the Search for Ms. Bambang and an invitation dance competition held annually.

“Panggayjaya” is an Isinay term synonymous to merriment.

Their patronal fiesta is St. Catherine of Sienna held every April 30.


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