Compendium of Prayers for Divided and Broken Families

Pray in family hands.

A Prayer for Divided and Broken Families

Mother Teresa left this beautiful prayer for us to ask for peace to reign at the heart of our families.

O God, Father of all people, You call us all to carry love where the poor are downtrodden, joy where the Church is discouraged, reconciliation where people are separated — father from son, mother from daughter, husband from wife, those who believe from those who don’t believe, the Christian from his unloved Christian brother.

You prepare our way so that the wounded Body of Christ, Your Church, may become the leaven for the community of the poor on earth and for the entire family of mankind. Amen.

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Prayer for Broken Families

Here is an intercessory prayer for all families struggling with difficulties. May the Lord hear our prayers and heal all families and bring them closer to our Lord Jesus Christ. Mother Mary, please intercede for all families here on earth.

Lord, wash all broken families in Your precious blood and remove all negative feelings they have for each other and fill them with your constant love.

Lord, take away from them all bitterness, anger and the desire to hurt each other. May they grown strong in your love.

Lord, have mercy on those families where they have no time for Prayer. May they come closer to You through daily family prayer.

Lord, have pity on families where they live only to gratify the flesh. May they grow spiritually.

Lord Jesus, have mercy on all families who believe in black magic, witchcraft and other evil practices. Set them free Lord, from all these bondages and help them to believe only in You – one God forever and ever.

Lord, have mercy on families who live in selfishness and pride, and where there is no real sharing of all that You have given to them generously. May they live their lives for You.

Lord have mercy on families who suffer because of alcoholism or drug addiction. Lord touch them and heal them. Give to all who are affected, strength and the courage to accept their trials and to wait patiently for deliverance.

Lord have mercy on couples who do not have a child, a good job, a house to live in. Lord bless them in your kindness and mercy.

Lord, we pray for all those who are struggling with sickness, financial problems, and other sufferings. Lord, be merciful to them and help them in their needs.

Lord, we pray that all families may give the first place to Jesus in their hearts and thus become your witnesses.

Lord, give us real sorrow for all our sins and give us the strength to live a virtuous life and to always glorify You. Amen.

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Prayer for Broken Families Holy Card

God our healer, we lift up to You in prayer all families who are divided or broken by human failure. We ask that You draw forth the pains caused by divorce, infidelity, abandonment, and selfishness, as one draws out a poison, and begin the healing that is needed in the hearts of Your people. May the households of humanity be places of reconciliation, forgiveness, and peace. Lord, restore broken relationships, inspire forgiveness in the wronged, and heal the restlessness and inner pains of those who have divided their own families. Inspire those affected by familial brokenness to pray at all times for Your will to be done, both now and in the future.

We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, by whose own wounds we are healed. Amen.

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A Prayer To Heal My Family And My Broken Heart

Dear Lord, You are the ever knowing God. You see what’s in our hearts, you hear what’s in our mind even before we speak. You know every aspect of my life Lord. I ask You Lord Jesus to heal my family from the brokenness that we are experiencing now. I ask you Lord to heal the gap that is drifting my husband away from our family. I ask You Lord Jesus to touch him so he will realize the consequences of his actions. That he will realize our family’s worth.

God, good Lord, please heal my family. Bring us back together Lord, be in our midst and heal each one of us from the pain of being separated and away from each other. Bring back the love we once have. I ask You too Lord Jesus to heal my broken heart. Heal the seething pain in my heart brought about by my husband's negligence and disregard for me and my family. Lord God, I know I am not perfect, I have my mistakes and shortcomings. But You know dear God the sincerity of my heart.

Please good Lord, heal me from this pain. Help me to accept things as You will them to be. Help me to learn to forgive and endure all these pain I am feeling now and strengthen my faith in You Lord that at the end of the day, You will take care of me and my family. Carry us, Lord, in Your Holy name. Amen

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A Prayer For Family

Heavenly Father, Please shine Your light upon my family. Give us the strength to overcome all of the difficulties that we are dealing with now and protect us against any and all problems we may encounter in the future. O Lord, please bring us together as we are meant to be. May the love that binds us only grow stronger as we fulfill the destiny you have laid out for us.

Grant my family forgiveness for any sins we have committed. May we also forgive one another Lord, as it is sometimes difficult to do.

Bless us, Lord. In Your name, I pray. Amen.

Source: Pray With Me

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