There Must Be a Way (Lyrics)

Catholic Songbook: Catholic Mass Songs Lyrics Compilation
Catholic Mass Songs Lyrics

I’ve search in vain and now I’m scared to try
To find an answer, find the reason why
Each man stands alone, each one on his own
In a daily struggle, in a battle to survive in this world.
Here I am trying to understand, how a man can hate another man
Why can’t we just venture on through life side by side?

‘Cause we just can’t be on our own
We have to start to open our hearts
To the tear that covers a smile
Broken dreams as time goes by
Or life becomes a fantasy with no more beliefs
Every word becomes a lie, it doesn’t matter to live or die
And people look at you with empty eyes.

There must be a way to start it once again
Together we can set our spirits free
And then we’ll see what life should be.
Where peace and love would conquer
And the world would be a better place to be.
And the day will dawn when we live as one!

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