Earn More Money by Answering YouGov Online Surveys Using Your Cell Phone

Online survey concept.

YouGov is a legit survey site that you can make extra money. They are an international internet-based market research and data analytics group based in London, the United Kingdom with several locations in North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe. Co-Founded by Nadhim Zahawia and Stephan Shakespeare in May 2000. And considered to be the pioneer of online market research. YouGov has a community of over 8 million members from different walks of life around the world who share their opinions every day about brands, politics, and current affairs.

It 's FREE to join and open to Filipinos 16 years of age and older. You can answer YouGov questions and surveys on your personal computer or smartphone in return for points/rewards which you can turn into cash via PayPal, mobile credit top-up, UNICEF donation, and Air Asia BIG Points. And if given a chance, your opinion will be featured in the news. You will receive an email when this happens. Signup now and get 100 points as a sign-up bonus!

YouGov Rewards Details

YouGov rewards: PHP 1,000 Mobile Credit Top Up, UNICEF Donation, PHP 950 Paypal, and 2500 Air Asia BIG points.

PHP 1,000 Mobile Credit Top Up

Redeem your 5000 YouGov points for PHP 1,000 Mobile Credit Top Up.

For further information regarding this redemption visit YouGov F.A.Q.

UNICEF Donation

Donate your YouGov points to UNICEF!

Every 5,000 points can redeem an 8-week treatment package of emergency nutrients for 1 malnourished child

PHP 950 Paypal

Redeem your 5000 points for PHP 950 via Paypal.

Please read before redeeming:

a. The PayPal and YouGov email MUST be the same to avoid any Paypal payment processing issue. We will only send the payment for PayPal to your PayPal account if the email is the same as your YouGov Account.

b. If you do not have a PayPal account, please set up an account here using the same email as registered with YouGov, to ensure proper fund transfer. For more information, please visit YouGov FAQ.

c. Processing time takes up to 30 business days from the date of redemption.

d. You will get an email confirmation from YouGov along with the instructions on how to claim in your PayPal account.

2500 Air Asia BIG points

Redeem 5000 YG points for 2500 AirAsia BIG points

Look up your ID here: https://member.airasia.com/big-look-up.aspx

Proof of PayPal Redemption

When you redeem Your YouGov Points you will receive an email notification:

YouGov PayPal redemption notification email screenshot

Here's the screenshot of my First YouGov earning which I redeemed via PayPal:

YouGov have credited the reward to my PayPal account screenshot.

Here's the screenshot of my Second YouGov earning which I redeemed via PayPal:

YouGov have credited another reward to my PayPal account screenshot.

I only answer YouGov surveys during my free time in the office. You can earn more than me if you answer more surveys.


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